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At a lecture I was giving in a large West Coast university in the Spring of 2008, the female students talked extensively about how much they preferred to have a completely waxed pubic area as it made them feel “clean,” “hot” and “well groomed.” As they excitedly insisted that they themselves chose to have a Brazilian wax, one student let slip that her boyfriend had complained when she decided to give up on waxing. Then there was silence. I asked the student to say more about her boyfriend’s preferences and how she felt about his criticism. As she started to speak other students joined in, only now the conversation took a very different turn. The excitement in the room gave way to a subdued discussion on how some boyfriends had even refused to have sex with non-waxed girlfriends as they “looked gross.” One student told the group how her boyfriend bought her a waxing kit for Valentine’s Day, while yet another sent out an email to his friends joking about his girlfriend’s “hairy beaver.” No, she did not break up with him, she got waxed instead.

Two weeks after the waxing discussion, I was at an East Coast Ivy League school where some female students became increasingly angry. They accused me of denying them free choice in their embracing of our hypersexualized porn culture, and being the next generation’s elite women, this idea was especially repugnant because they saw no limits or constraints on them as women. Literally two minutes later, one of the students made a joke about the “trick” that many of them employ as a way to avoid hookup sex. What is this trick? These women purposely don’t shave or wax as they are getting ready to go out that night so they will feel too embarrassed to participate in hookup sex. As she spoke, I watched as others nodded their heads in agreement. When I asked why they couldn’t just say no to sex, they informed me that once you have a few drinks in you, and are at a party or a bar, it is too hard to say no. I was speechless, not least because they had just been arguing that I had denied them agency in my discussion of porn culture, and yet they saw no contradiction in telling me that they didn’t have the agency to say no to sex. The next day I flew to Utah to give a lecture in a small college, which although not a religious college, had a good percentage of Mormons and Catholics. I told them about the lecture the previous night and asked them if they knew what the trick was. It turns out that trick is everywhere, including Utah.

I tell this story because, on many levels, it neatly captures how the porn culture is affecting young women’s lives. The reality is that women don’t need to look at porn to be profoundly affected by it because images, representations, and messages of porn are now delivered to women via pop culture. Women today are still not major consumers of hard-core porn; they are, however, whether they know it or not, internalizing porn ideology, an ideology that often masquerades as advice on how to be hot, rebellious, and cool in order to attract (and hopefully keep) a man. An excellent example is genital waxing, which first became popular in porn (not least because it makes the women look pre-pubescent) and then filtered down into women’s media such as Cosmopolitan, a magazine that regularly features stories and tips on what “grooming” methods women should adopt to attract a man. Sex and the City, that hugely successful show with an almost cult following, also used waxing as a storyline. For instance, in the movie, Miranda is chastised by Samantha for “letting herself go” by having pubic hair.

Visible or Invisible: Growing up Female in a Porn Culture

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Just in case you needed any more proof of why feminism is still a fucking necessity.

Go watch her play the cover HERE and tell me she isn’t fucking talented as fuck… on another video of hers, where her cleavage isn’t in plain sight, comment after comment is “where are the boobs?!” 

Are you fucking kidding me? Girls fawned over Cameron Dallas and at one point Nash Grier and shit. But ooooh damn, if it’s girls objectifying a boy, it doesn’t count for shit, but if guys do it? Hahahahaha “pATRIARCHY”

Are you. Are you serious right now? lol.

Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas are TALENTLESS LITTLE SHITSTAINS LOL. They make some funny vines. And little preteen girls crush on and dote on them. I’ve never seen a 30+ woman comment on one of their vids talking about HOW THEY’RE ONLY WATCHING CUZ YAY DICKS. 

How do you fucking read the above comments on this video, a minuscule picking of many btw, and compare it to preteen girls crushing on boys like Nash Grier?! Who, again, is a fucking shitstain of a person who is also a piece of shit misogynist and annoyingly arrogant self absorbed little prick.

I can’t even take your comment seriously. 

So fucking what? They’re both obnoxious shits, but girls still sexualize them because they think they’re both hot or whatever. Same thing happens with One Direction, Justin Bieber, and male Korean k-pop groups or whatever. There are tons of chicks who have a thing for Tom Hiddleston and there’s even a video of an interview of him where a few women in the audience were saying suggestive things to him (I’ll look for the link). Girls sexualize guys but literally no one gives a fuck, but as soon as a guy does it to a girl yall are gonna bitch about it being misogynistic and shit. Get the fuck off your high horse as if females don’t do the same thing to males. Like I honestly don’t understand how people can act like the male gender is the only part of the human race that sexualize others lmao

The difference is that while women fawn over and fall at the feet of talented men who are pleasing to the eye, they don’t ONLY recognize them because of their sexiness, and they don’t disregard and refuse to acknowledge that those men are talented and have done hard work to get where they are. When I see women fawning over men like Tom Hiddleston, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and many many more… I see women WORSHIPING them. Appreciating them in all their beautiful qualities. NOT JUST SEXUAL APPEAL. And those men DEFINITELY do not get told to COVER UP their bods, or told that the only reason they are recognized and given attention to is because they’re sexy and have big dicks. They are sexualized, yes. But their talent in their field is not ignored, they are not forced to bear the societal sign that claims they only got where they did because of their sexiness. This girl above is a perfect example of the imbalance of sexual objectification. While men ARE sexualized and fawned over for their good looks, they are still glorified for their talents and hard work and skill. Women’s skill and talent are often over looked or disregarded completely due to her physical appearance. While man are somewhat sexually objectified, they still hold honor, glory, and receive RESPECT from the women who find them physically beautiful. Look at the comments above. Do any of them look respectful? Do any of those men come off as appreciative… as fawning? No. They speak down to her. Their comments are reflections upon how men see women as ONLY sex objects. Her talents and skills are treated as inferior. She’s only being given attention because she has a large pair of breasts. Comparing girls fangirling over Tom Hiddleston, girls who would literally KNEEL before that man and kiss the ground he walks on, girls who RESPECT, AND REVERE Tom while finding him gorgeous… is in no way an equal comparison to the sexual objectification and disrespect women face in almost every industry. 

I mean, if you can’t recognize the difference between admiring and loving someone for their appearance and their qualities and reducing a human being to a pair of breasts and even berating them about it, then that’s a serious problem.  That is classic, text book definition of objectification.  It isn’t flattering.  It’s aggressive and pretty damn gross and disrespectful.  Don’t tell me you really think girls thinking Justin Bieber is hot is the same thing. (Especially Justin Bieber fans.  Bieber practically has a cult following.  So many zealous fans thinks the sun shines out of his ass and are willing to do anything for him.  That was the worst example you could’ve given.  In fact, half of your examples are gross dudes with fiercely loyal fan followings.) Don’t you dare tell me that admiring my favorite male actors for all of their multifaceted qualities is on par with these youtube comments.  You can’t honestly think that.  Even the girls that do sexualize men nearly never do it to as large as a magnitude as men do.  And they’re called out on it when people find out (I’m thinking about individual 1D cases last year or so of the boys getting their privacy invaded and people pointing out how not okay that is.) And even disregarding all of this, does any of that change the actual youtube comments? Does any of this somehow make them less obnoxious and disrespectful? And no one was even talking about men getting sexually harassed.  You are the one who said “if it’s girls objectifying a boy, it doesn’t count for shit”.  In this post specifically about female sexual harassment and objectification, no one ever said that.  You did.

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so i went on the american apparel site today

looking at the socks








for reference

here’s one of the pictures for men’s socks


seriously i’m not one to complain about sexism much but i just looked on this site and??













????????????????????? I DON’T FUCKING GET IT????

"gendered marketing doesn’t exist!! shut up femenazi"

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Filed under nsfw sexism this is gross okay not the models they're adorable and are doing their jobs what's gross is the society that neesd to fucking sexualize socks and the models wearing them because they're women fuck you

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I need feminism because I heard a radio station making a report about how at a popular festival/party some people would tape the party from a bird’s eye view and they would zoom in to girls dancing to tape their boobs jumping up and down and I heard a FEMALE radio host say: “Well, men will be men! Ladies, it’s okay to have some fun, maybe drink a little, but put on some decent bras! Control your breasts!”


Criticize women for dancing without “a decent bra” but say nothing about men taping woman’s boobs bouncing?? It makes no sense?????

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